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Energy efficiency need not cost the earth. That’s why Ilum-a-Lite offers our customers a range of energy efficient lighting solutions to suit a variety of industry requirements and budgets.

Founded in 1996, Ilum-a-Lite specialises in creating highly effective energy saving lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and government clients that generate significant energy cost savings and reduce environmental impact.

Since 1996, Ilum-a-Lite has been at the forefront in the design and development of technology-driven energy saving lights and solutions. Our lighting solutions generate a powerful return on investment and energy cost savings. Our range of innovative, reliable and fit for purpose solutions can be retrofitted, enabling existing lighting installations to be upgraded quickly, economically and efficiently.

An Ilum-a-Lite solution will pay for itself within a very short space of time, and continue to deliver substantial energy cost savings and energy consumption reductions, year after year.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can recommend a customised energy reduction solution with energy saving lights that matches your energy conservation and budget targets.

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