Emergency Light Fitting Information

Emergency Lighting

Save-it-Easy and LED tubes should not be used for emergency light fittings.

Due to the nature of emergency light fittings and battery charging circuits, many are not suited to T5 upgrades or LED tubes. See the Lighting Council of Australia’s comments below:

Compatibility with existing maintained emergency luminaires.
A new T5 HF ballast or a T5 lamp adaptor may not be compatible with the power pack installed in an existing T8 maintained emergency luminaire – that is, where an emergency inverter and battery is provided to operate the T8 lamp. At best, the result would be non-compliance with the Australian standard for emergency lighting (AS 2293) and at worst, safety may be compromised. Damage to the emergency luminaire, lamp, adaptor, emergency power pack, or all of these, is likely if components are mixed. Excessive battery discharge currents, inability to strike the lamp, low light output and shorter duration than the original configuration could all contribute to poor performance or outright failure in an emergency. Rather than convert an old luminaire, the installation of a new dedicated emergency luminaire is recommended”

- LIghting Council of Australia


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