Energy Saving Schemes

Energy-Saving Schemes

Vivid ilumalite provides you with not only energy savings, but also financial savings. Significant rebates are available on a wide range of Vivid ilumalite products and services in NSW and Victoria.

Customers in NSW and Victoria can receive a cash rebate when they invest with Vivid ilumalite as part of the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme (VEET’s).

The Victorian VEET Scheme and NSW ESS are designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable and to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Under the Scheme, accredited businesses can offer rebates on selected energy saving products and appliances installed in homes, businesses and in all commercial applications. The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the bigger the potential saving.

The Scheme works through a government initiative from Recognised Energy Saving Activities (RESAs), and are created through Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) as a result of cutting electricity use. (To be eligible for ESCs and VEET’s, the project should save a minimum of around 20 MWh per annum.)

Each ESC and VEET represents a saving of approximately one-megawatt hour, which the ACP then sells to electricity retailers who must acquire or create an annual target number of certificates. ACPs trade certificates with energy users and retailers and each certificate they trade they forward a payment to the customer based on the energy savings they are making.

All the Vivid ilumalite range including LED Panels, 7W MR16 Kit , Rectangular shop lights, 6” and 8” LED Down lights,  LED Hi-bay, Floodlights and LED Minis are all registered and VEET/ESC approved in NSW and Victoria. Rebates can be provided within just weeks of your installation.

Contact us to find out how to receive up to a 50% rebate on your energy savings investment with Vivid ilumalite.