Product FAQs

Product FAQs

Why are your products amongst the best available on the market?

We take a lot of time and put a lot of effort to make sure our products are the best performing ones for energy efficiency and performance.  Both are vital to have the best products.  It is no good to have a low wattage product that gives a poor lighting outcome. We would also have no reason to stock a product that is not energy efficient, even if it had fabulous light output  We are obsessed with the need to make sure our products are 100% compliant with Australian and international standards, and it’s a priority for us to remain eligible for energy saving rebates.

What warranty is included with your products?

The warranty available on each product ranges from two to five years, depending on the product. We can provide you with the warranty information on enquiry of your product.

Who does the installation of your products? Can they be easily installed without an electrician?

We can arrange a fully licenced and qualified electrician to install our products, or should you have a preferred electrician, we can also deal with them directly to arrange the installation. We don’t recommend that you install the products if you’re not a qualified electrician.

How do I know your products will last?

Our products are of high quality and are built to last. Most of our products have a product life of more than five years. Ilum-a-Lite has been supplying energy efficient lighting products for nearly 20 years and has achieved that reputation because of the quality and life of those products.

Can I claim a rebate?

 All our products get registered with the administrators of energy saving schemes in Australia and attract maximum rebates.

Are your products approved? Do they meet Australian Standards?

Meeting Australian standards is one of our core competencies.  Nothing is offered to the market before we have all the necessary approvals.

Will I have the same light levels once replaced with your products?

Generally, the look and feel of any upgraded space is unchanged.  We consider it vital that we improve the energy performance of your workplace without compromising light levels or ambiance.  Occasionally, you might identify that you want to save more energy and can afford to have lower light levels.  We will then deliver a solution that meets your need while ensuring that the installation complies with AS 1680 lighting standards.

What type of reduction in energy costs will I have once your products have been installed?

The minimum, and often lowest cost, is about 30% but some solutions can save as much as 90% with fabulous paybacks.

What are the benefits of installing your products?

You will have a longer product life, high quality and high performing lights and solutions. You will also save energy, which will help reduce your energy usage and energy costs.

How can I manage my light distribution?

Make sure that your replacement is fit for purpose. Changing the lamp diameter, colour, beam angle or position in a luminaire will affect the light output and produce a different light distribution. This may affect visual comfort associated with display screen equipment and other tasks. The installation may not meet its original design parameters, including glare.

How will I know my lamp life?

Many different methods are used to describe lamp life e.g. some describe the time at which lumen output has degraded by a certain percentage – 10, 50% etc. Another method is to describe the percentage of lamps which have failed by a certain time. Obviously a 50% failure rate will take longer to happen than a 10% failure rate so the “life” will appear to be longer. Claims of 50,000 hour “life” may be true but if the output has degraded to less than 50% of that when new, it is unlikely to be meeting your needs. Regardless of the method used, make sure that you compare like with like when making your choice.

Why should I choose your products and services over others that are cheaper on the market?

Our products have been proven to last longer than most similar products available on the market. This reduces the need for maintenance and the frequency to replace them. Our products have all been through vigorous testing methods, been approved and meet Australian Standards.

How can I place an order?

Call us, email us at, click on the website query or if you are close to the office, drop in.

How can I re-order parts?

Call us or email us at

What if I have an issue with an installed product?

Be assured that we will always find a solution should there ever be an issue.

How do I know you’re a trusted provider?

We have been providing energy-efficient lights and solutions since 1996. Our staff are experts in the lighting field, and we have successfully been providing lighting and solutions year after year.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee our energy saving and offer long warranties – up to three years – on many of technologies.

What can I expect from Ilum-a-Lite once our products have been installed?

We will provide you with relevant documents, warranties etc, and will be in touch with you again when the lighting installed is due for maintenance or replacement.

We get approached all the time by companies selling discount lights. Are you any different?

Many of the companies that have approached you will be new to lighting and energy efficiency.  Their business model is to take advantage of energy saving rebates – a bit like the home insulation contractors that sprang up when home insulation was “free.”  Ilum-a-Lite has been offering energy-efficient lighting solutions for nearly 20 years, long before new incentives came along. Our business model is not based on making money just from incentives.  We can offer you the same or better incentives but also get you a complete energy-efficient upgrade of your lighting, not just upgrades of lights that have high rebate values.

I get confused by all the products and terminology. Can you simplify it for me?

We know how confusing lighting and energy efficiency can be and have tried to make it simple.  Please visit our YouTube channel at where we have some company and product videos that explain things in terms easier to understand.