Project FAQs

Project FAQs

Do you have a timeframe for your project?
We can offer a project manager to assist you on organising your project.

Do you have a start date for your project?
We are happy to provide a project manager to assist you with your project. 

Will your project be completed during working hours?
We can cater to your needs if your project cannot be completed during working hours.

Are your products approved? Do they meet Australian Standards?
It is one of our core competencies.  Nothing is offered to the market before we have all the necessary approvals.

I get confused by all the products and terminology. Can you simplify it for me?
We know how confusing lighting and energy efficiency can be and have tried to make it simple.  Please visit our YouTube channel at where we have some company and product videos that explain things in terms easier to understand.

What is your guarantee?
We guarantee our energy saving and offer long warranties – up to three years – on many of our technologies.

What are the benefits of installing your products?
You will have a longer product life, high quality and high performing lights and solutions. You will also save energy, which will help reduce your energy usage and energy costs. After nearly 20 years in the business of energy efficiency you can be sure Ilum-a-Lite will be around to service your needs in the future.

Do you provide custom energy solutions?

Yes, we can provide you with a solution to meet your energy saving needs and to suit your budget.

What type of reduction in energy costs will I have once your products have been installed?
The minimum, and often lowest cost, is about 30% but some solutions can save as much as 90% with fabulous paybacks.

What services do you provide?
We provide complete energy-efficient lighting retrofits. You can also buy our products and self-install them.  If we are asked to assess your premises for a lighting retrofit, we will first ask a lot of questions to understand your business and desire to save energy.  After that, we will examine ALL of your lighting to offer a retrofit that meets your needs and desires.  We see no point in offering you a $100,000 upgrade when your budget is $50,000 and equally we will not “cherry pick” your lighting to give a low-cost but low-value upgrade. When rebates are available from energy saving schemes, we will ensure full compliance and if necessary, process the rebate claims.